The players of the game

Jason 'LIKE A BOSS' Volk

The man. The myth. The one they warned you about. Jason lives like a hero in our hearts. I heard he once climbed into a burning building and saved a litter of puppies.

Nick 'I wanna marry a dog' MD

He is a dog rapist. No need to tell you any more.

Bobby 'Dont tase me bro!' Liv

A sad sad man. Delusional too. He believes he can talk to his dead old high school football coach. Constantly bragging about impossible feats such as punting soccer balls over oceans and other imposturous tasks.

Kevin 'Kevron' Killer

While he shows signs of the same disease as Bobby Liv, Kevin is an up and coming hipster politician. Quite possible might be a worthy running mate for the 2012 Volk campaign.

Bryan 'MATT DAMON' Chooch

Fresh out of the hospital from a seriuos head injury, Bryan is ready to join and run our campaign towards victory. He occasionally blacks out and wakes up days later not knowing what distruction he has caused.