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Oct. 21, 2010 - DENVILLE
It has been two long days since we inquired into Mr Bobby Liv's actions but have received no response. We can only assume the worst and that Mr Liv has gone into hiding. Numerous reports have been heard that he allegedly killed 3 or more hookers and drove off into the woods to hide the bodies. Morris County Prosecutors Office has been notified and will be sending a search and rescue team along with its detectives unit into Split Rock Reservoir to exhume the bodies. More information will follow.

FROM THE OFFICES OF KEVRON - Oct. 20, 2010 5:53pm

I sat down last night with Ms. Liv and disgust many problems facing are economy. He seemed out of reach, and wouldnít face the problems head on, but would try to change the subject with magic tricks, and making inappropriate noises by placing his hand under his armpit and flapping up and down. We didnít see eye to eye on much, but the one thing we both figured out last night is that he is unqualified for the job! I've never met anyone so self-centred and narcissistic in my life. As the night ended he strapped on his elbow pads, buckled his rollerblades to his size 6 menís feet turned his back and vanished in to the drug and prostitute infested area he kindly asked to meet in. I have one message, your skating on thin ice Ms. Liv.